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Intent of Use

The purpose of the program is to promote Indigenous artists and their work, not to take ownership for ourselves. You as the artist always retain all ownership over your work. We are asking for artists to grant us the rights to feature their art on specified merchandise used for fundraising purposes across Gen7 Fuel stations.&

Artists selected for campaigns will receive a payment of $350CAD for the rights to their work for the duration of the campaign.


If your artwork is selected for a campaign, we will print your design on the merchandise specified in the campaign brief. This could include merchandise such as: clothing, hats, posters, postcards, etc. and promotional materials for the campaign.

While your work will remain online on our website and on social media for promotion beyond the campaign dates, we will not be printing your design on any merchandise outside of the scope of the predetermined campaign.

We are passionate about Indigenous art, culture and tradition. Our goal is to inspire others to share in that passion for Indigenous art and promote Indigenous artists of all ages and skill-level.

Artwork Eligibility

All works submitted to the Indigenous Artists Program must be a single work of original art made from an original concept created by the artist themselves. Designs submitted may be existing pieces of art, we do not require that you create a new piece for submission. Any artwork submitted must not be previously published or displayed in any promotional campaign in connection with another company.

All art submitted must be free of obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate content. Gen7 Fuel reserves the right to examine the original artwork and confirm it is eligible for submission.


By submitting artwork to the Indigenous Artists Program, you also consent to Gen7 Fuel using their name and likeness in any publicity carried out around the campaign. All media will be carried out with the intention of promotion and praise for the artist and their work. The artist will not be compensated for any media placements obtained at that time.

Limitation of Liability

In no event will Gen7 Fuel be liable if the artist conducts themselves in an unlawful manner, i.e., submitting artwork they do not own the rights to, submitting work that is not original, misrepresenting themselves in any way.

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