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Gary Williams, Brand Ambassador

Gary Williams

Gen7 Fuel Brand Ambassador

Gen7 Fuel is excited to announce our new Brand Ambassador and Owner of Curve Lake station, Gary Williams. Gary has intimate knowledge of Indigenous rights, culture, history, and community from his time as Chief of Curve Lake First Nation, making him the perfect representative for not only Gen7 Fuel but all of our Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Gary is the embodiment of our Community Pillars. As a Gen7 Fuel Elder, Gary assists in guiding our community initiatives, ensuring that Gen7 Fuel’s mission and values are being upheld with support from our Community Relations Manager, Abby McLeod.
Gary looks forward to sharing his extensive knowledge and passion for Indigenous culture with all of you at your next community event, corporate workshop, or team building seminar.

The Early Years

Gary Williams comes from humble beginnings in Curve Lake, Ontario. As a child, his father practiced a traditional lifestyle of hunting and gathering while his mother worked cleaning houses and making traditional crafts.

Eventually Gary’s father realized that the traditional lifestyle was not going to provide for his family, so he began working construction for the Curve Lake band. Gary’s father went on to open his own construction business, and his mother became a teacher’s assistant at the Curve Lake School.

Throughout his childhood, Gary’s parents instilled a strong worth ethic and emphasized the importance of community. He recalls Christmases when his mother would give financial support to families in need, and many times that his father would drive neighbourhood kids to hockey. Through the example set by his parents, Gary has always known the impact and importance of being an active part of your community.

Adult Life in Curve Lake, Ont

Following his graduation from high school, Gary went on to Conestoga College where he received a Meat Cutting Certificate. From there he moved to Scarborough, Ontario where he worked for a German delicatessen as a sausage maker.

While working at the delicatessen, Gary would often take leave to go back to Curve Lake to work construction for his father’s company. For several years Gary went back and forth until he decided to open his own construction company in 1989.

It was at this time that Gary began learning about his culture and traditional teachings. He attended ceremonies and listened to Elders as they brought teachings to the community. Gary decided to run for Chief of Curve Lake and won, starting his term in the mid-90s.

Chief Gary Williams

During his time as Chief of Curve Lake, Gary learned even more about the history and culture of his community, particularly how mistreated his people are by corporations and governments. He was Chief at the time of the Ipperwash Standoff in 1995 and during the release of The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) in late 1996.

Gary went on to serve as both a Curve Lake First Nation Councillor and the Economic Development Officer of Curve Lake First Nation. He continues his work within the Curve Lake community today — now as a successful Gen7 Fuel business owner.

Following his father’s example, Gary runs his businesses on the principles of hard work, valuing employees, being fair to yourself and the customer, over delivering when possible, and most importantly…giving back.

Athlete and Artist

Throughout his life Gary has always had a passion for athletics and art. During his early years of spiritual awakening, Gary began training in martial arts with former NHL player Mike Marson. Martial arts not only taught Gary physical self-defense but how to meditate and work with his internal and spiritual energy. He received his third-degree black belt after just five years of training.

Gary has gone on to teach Mars-Zen-Do Karate, as well as coach several different levels of local men’s and women’s hockey teams over the years. No matter what sport Gary is coaching, he teaches his athletes the importance of practicing hard, staying centered, and being aware of your space and tempo.
Gary is also an incredibly passionate and talented musician, having trained under Sarah Feuerstein at the Royal Conservatory of Music for three years. He has played at several large venues across Ontario including Ontario Place, Canada’s Wonderland, Sky Dome Pow Wow, and the Peterborough Music Festival. The most important piece of music Gary has worked on is the collaboration with Gerry Kaboni on his song Missing, an anthem for the #MMIWG movement.

Gary will be involved with the newly announced Indigenous Artist Program as a member of the judging panel, working to uplift Indigenous artists across Canada. Gary will also be heavily involved with the Gen7 Fuel Edge Program. His experience as a coach will be invaluable in working with our partners in the OHL to create more opportunities for play for Indigenous Youth.

Gen7 Fuel Brand Ambassador

As the Brand Ambassador for Gen7 Fuel, Gary works to educate through telling his personal story and speaking on the importance of Indigenous owned business, heritage and culture, and giving back to your community.

To book Gary Williams to speak at your event, please click here.

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