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Giving back to the Community is Central to our Philosophy.

Our Community Involvement.

At Gen7 Fuel we believe in giving back to the community and supporting First Nations initiatives that benefit the next seven generations. We strive to make giving back to the community part of our everyday business. Each time gas is purchased from our pumps, a portion of the sale is given back to the community. Gen7 Fuel actively improves the lives of First Nation communities with initiatives such as building playgrounds, sponsoring sporting events, shelters, and schools.

Seven Pillars.

The Seven Pillars of Gen7 Fuel are at the heart of everything we do, and everyone we partner with. They act as the guide in our mission to create a better future, for seven generations to come.


Community is a sense of belonging, support and shared experiences. It’s at the very core of our purpose and mission. Gen7 Fuel works to help build strong Indigenous communities.


Indigenous Nations have many unique cultures and traditions. It plays a fundamental role in shaping individual and societal identities, values, and behaviours. Gen7 Fuel supports cultural education and revitalization.


Education is the key to growth, innovation and inspiration; it empowers individuals and communities. Gen7 Fuel supports many forms of education initiatives.


Mother Earth is our first teacher, our source of life. We are responsible for protecting the environment so that it may be sustained for future generations. Gen7 Fuel is committed to contributing to environmental restoration, preservation, and conservation.


Athletics play a huge part in building a sense of community. It’s a source of opportunity and essential life skills for youth. Gen7 Fuel supports athletics, from child and youth players to professional hockey teams.


Well-being encompasses mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. We focus on well-being to improve quality of life and increase overall happiness. Gen7 Fuel supports well-being initiatives for individuals and their communities.


Governance is the structure in which decisions are made for communities. An important step on the path to reconciliation is respect for governance within each Indigenous community. Gen7 Fuel will always listen to the needs of the community and respect the traditional forms of governance.

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Our Community Involvement initiatives:

Support Indigenous Entrepreneurs with investment and capacity building
Invest in community local initiatives
Gen7 Employee Give Back Programs
Increase awareness of indigenous issues
Celebrate Successes

Corporate Give Back

McMaster University Indigenous Scholarships
Adopt school hockey campaigns
Sponsorship of Indigenous Heritage Nights
Fundraising events to benefit community initiatives

We believe in giving back.

See some of our
community initiatives.

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