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Donna Adams Gen7 Fuel

The Fearless Leader of Smokeys Gen7 Fuel in Sarnia, Donna Adams

The fearless Indigenous leader at Smokeys Gen7 Fuel is the legendary Donna Adams. Donna is a passionate businesswoman who creates immense success not only for herself, but those who work for her. Now, in her mid-seventies, Donna works tirelessly to support the next generation of entrepreneurs.

At Gen7 Fuel, Donna is part of our group of Elders working together to ensure all community outreach initiatives align with the larger mission and values of the Gen7 brand.

Who is Donna Adams?

A member of the Aamjiwnaag First Nation in Sarnia, Donna is descended from a long line of influential Chiefs. She is the great-granddaughter of esteemed Chief Solmon Adams. Known for his involvement in signing the VJAY Treaty, Chief Adams ensured free education and healthcare for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

Donna Adams Gen7 Fuel Smokeys
Donna Adams, Indigenous Owner Smokeys Gen7 Fuel

Donna’s grandfather, Telford Adams, was Chief of Aamjiwnaang First Nation for over 30 years. The next Chief in the family was Donna’s father, Christopher Adams. He was a key figure in the formation of the Union of Ontario Indians (UOI). The UOI created a legal entity for First Nations members to participate in political assemblies and legally binding contracts.

Nowadays, Donna is a successful businesswoman. She owns a convenience store, gas station, and future healing centre. On any given day, Donna can be found working the drive thru of her convenience store, or keeping the pumps in order at her gas station. Donna works hard not only for herself, but for all her employees as well.

“I have a responsibility to my people, my great-grandfather, my grandfather, my dad and our future generations”, said Donna.

It’s this responsibility that drives Donna to continue her efforts in business and within the community.

Aamjiwnaag First Nation Pow Wow

This June, Donna and Smokeys Gen7 Fuel got involved in the 60th Annual Aamjiwnaang First Nation Pow Wow celebrations, sponsoring the Tiny Tots dancers. Donna’s contributions to the weekend event helped create a memorable experience for the dancers.

Smokeys Gen7 Fuel
Smokeys Gen7 Fuel, Sarnia, Ontario

Donna takes her responsibility to the next generations very seriously. She’s incredibly proud of the 11-year-old boy who started working with her years ago loading boxes, now the site manager of Smokeys Gen7 Fuel. Donna understands that with every person she uplifts, the community gets stronger as a whole.

With no signs of slowing down, Donna is still as fierce of an entrepreneur as she was 60 years ago when she made her first investment. Donna’s legacy will be one of strength and leadership in her community.

Next time you fill up at Smokeys Gen7 Fuel, don’t forget to take a spin through the Smokeys drive thru to say hello to Donna.

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