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Frequently Asked Questions

Gen7 Fuel
Frequently Asked Questions

Gen7 Fuel Stations

Gen7 Fuel stations stock fuel sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure our customers receive the highest quality fuel. Gen7 Fuel offers: Regular 87, Mid-Grade 89, Premium 91, Clear Diesel, and Dyed Diesel.

Clear and Dyed Diesel fuels are offered at select Gen7 Fuel locations.

Yes! We are proud to be an Indigenous owned brand. Aside from the Gen7 Fuel brand being Indigenous owned, we engage with local Indigenous entrepreneurs exclusively to open new Gen7 Fuel gas stations.

Gen7 Fuel serves quality fuel, for less every day. We are able to provide a lower price on fuel for our customers because our stations are located on Indigenous reserves.

You can purchase fuel at any Gen7 Fuel station on reserve – with or without a Status Card.

The charges for the Carbon Tax, Provincial Road Tax and the Excise Tax are built into the price of fuel listed on the pump.

Status Card tax exemptions are always applied at every Gen7 Fuel station. Remember to present your Status Card to the attendant at the time of purchase for your discount.

Gen7 Fuel does not sell any ethanol-free fuel.

The Ontario Provincial Government updated the Clean Transportation Fuel regulations at the beginning of 2023. These changes include regulations on Premium Grade fuel pertaining to vapour pressure, octane, and the anti-knock index number. In addition to these regulations, Premium Motor Fuel is also subject to additional visual and vortex observance tests.

The biggest difference you’ll see at the pump when purchasing Premium Motor Fuel from Gen7 Fuel stations is a difference in the colour. The duller colour you now see in Premium Motor Fuel is due to the presence of a small percentage of ethanol. This small percentage of ethanol in Premium Motor Fuel is in accordance with Provincial Law.

For those purchasing Premium Motor Fuel for both Marine and Small Engine applications, a fuel stabilizer may be necessary.

If you are unsure if this change will affect your Marine or Small Engines, we encourage you to contact your engine manufacturer for recommendations on the right stabilizer for you.

Currently, Gen7 Fuel has stations in operation in Ontario, with plans for expansion across Canada.

For a full list of Gen7 Fuel locations, click here.

No. All Gen7 Fuel stations are self-serve pumps. Payment can be taken at the pumps, in the outdoor kiosk, or inside the convenience store.

FLEET Program

No. There is no minimum vehicle requirement to register for our FLEET Program.

There is no minimum monthly spend for our FLEET Program. Some customers use Gen7 Fuel exclusively, others as they are driving a route through the area. We welcome all customers at our Gen7 Fuel locations!

Any size business would benefit from our FLEET Program as we have no minimum vehicle requirements. Whether you have a sedan, pickup truck, cube van, commercial vehicle, or semi, the FLEET Program is designed to work for you and your business.

We do have custom FLEET Cards for each vehicle in your fleet. These cards ensure you have access to the 24/7 and high-speed pumps. Your corporate FLEET card will act as the payment method when fueling at high-speed pumps. See all locations for a full list of high-speed pumps.

Fuel pumps under the canopy do not accept FLEET Cards as methods of payment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the Corporate FLEET Program. Simply see a kiosk or station attendant to pre-authorize the pump and fill out a Fuel Purchase Order. The Fuel Purchase Order will be kept on file and applied to your FLEET account.

Compatible vehicles are always welcome to use the high-speed pumps. Semi-trucks, commercial vehicles, and large RVs are examples of compatible vehicles.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle can be fueled at the high-speed pumps, please contact your manufacturer directly.

If your vehicle is not compatible, all FLEET members can purchase fuel at any pump under the Gen7 Fuel canopy. Be sure to see an attendant to have the pump pre-authorized for fueling after completing the Fuel Purchase Order.

FLEET Program members have weekly reconciling of their accounts. Gen7 Fuel will send a weekly invoice outlining all fuel purchased on the corporate account, with payments made every Tuesday.

At this time, the Gen7 Fuel FLEET Program does not accept credit cards as a payment method for weekly reconciliations. Ask your FLEET Program representative for more payment options today.

At this time, we do not have that fuel service available. If this service is of interest to you, please let us know by emailing as we are always looking towards future endeavors.

The major benefit to becoming a Corporate FLEET member is the competitive pricing on all our quality fuel grades. With easy access to all high-speed pumps, semi-truck drivers can feel safe pulling into Gen7 stations to fuel up.

As a business owner, you can feel good about filling up at Gen7 Fuel stations with our Community Giveback Program. Every station donates a portion of all fuel sales back into their community, creating prosperity for the next seven generations to come.

Community Giveback

Giving back to the First Nations communities we serve is at the heart of everything we do at Gen7 Fuel. Community giveback is part of our everyday business. For every litre of fuel purchased at Gen7 Fuel pumps, a portion of the sale is given back to the community itself.

Community Giveback funds have been used for a variety of initiatives including building playgrounds, sponsoring sporting events and local athletes, community organizations, and schools.

Yes, we do. You can place a request for sponsorship by filling out the form on the Community page of our website.

Gen7 Fuel uses our Seven Pillars Principle as a guide in our mission to create a better future, for seven generations to come.

The Seven Pillars include community, culture, education, environment, athletics, well-being, and governance. Every organization Gen7 Fuel partner with must be aligned with our Seven Pillars to receive any form of sponsorship.

Gen7 Fuel sponsors several OHL teams including the Oshawa Generals, Sarnia Sting, Soo Greyhounds and North Bay Battalions. Each team hosts an Indigenous Heritage Night of which Gen7 Fuel is the presenting sponsor.

Indigenous Heritage Nights provide opportunities for First Nations children and youth to attend an OHL game through ticket donations, as well as the opportunity to interact with the players. Special programming during the Indigenous Heritage Nights will shine a spotlight on First Nations children and youth in hockey today, as well as work towards breaking down the barriers for future play.

The Indigenous Artists Program was developed to shine a spotlight on Indigenous artists and their works. Artists can submit original pieces of work to be featured in Community Giveback campaigns benefitting Indigenous communities across Ontario.

The long-term goals of the Artists Program are to create more awareness around the many Indigenous artforms and opportunities for Indigenous art to be commissioned on a wider scale.

For the latest Artists Program campaign click here.

We do! Gen7 Fuel is looking to create more opportunities for Indigenous artists outside of the small portion of work the brand itself commissions.

The Edge Youth Hockey Program was developed to create more opportunities for play among youth on First Nations Reserves. The goal of the program is to break down barriers to playing hockey by providing opportunities for equipment, exposure to professional sporting events, local free skates, and opportunities to go to training camps.

As the program continues to grow, our goal is to provide increased opportunities for Indigenous athletes at every stage of their career.

Stay tuned for more details on the program including our 2023/2024 OHL Indigenous Heritage Nights schedule.

We are looking for partners to help us achieve our goals and create lasting change for Indigenous athletes for the next seven generations to come.

If you are interested in supporting the Edge Indigenous Hockey Program, please email

Email us at or complete the form on our contact page.

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