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Gen7 Fuel Announces Expansion Plans - pictured is land under development including construction equipment.

Gen7 Fuel Announces Aggressive Expansion Plans this Indigenous Heritage Month

Gen7 Fuel announces plans for expansion this Indigenous Heritage Month. The Indigenous gas station chain is projected to open several new stations across Northern Ontario by the end of this year, with aggressive expansion plans across Canada in the upcoming year.

Furthermore, Gen7 Fuel announces two brand new programs that will increase opportunities for creativity and play in Indigenous communities. These initiatives will benefit Indigenous artists and athletes, working towards the mission of showcasing Indigenous talent across Canada.

Indigenous Programs

The first program, the Gen7 Fuel Indigenous Artists Program, will engage with Indigenous artists to incorporate original work into community giveback initiatives. The brand will provide a platform for traditional and cultural artwork to be celebrated both in stations and online.

“There’s a strong sense of pride when I’m beading or working with leather because I feel connected to my ancestors. These art techniques have been passed down for generations, and I think that’s incredibly powerful”, said Abby McLeod, Gen7 Fuel’s Manager of Community Programs and part owner of Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point. “I’m excited to work on this project and empower artists in our communities”.

Later this summer, Gen7 Fuel will be launching their youth hockey initiative, the Gen7 Fuel Indigenous Youth Edge Program. Working with partners in the athletics community, the Edge Program will create opportunities for play for Indigenous youth.

New Gen7Fuel Locations

The next Gen7 Fuel station is projected to open at the end of the summer, with construction already underway at the new site. More details on the newest location will be released in the upcoming weeks.

“We are proud of the Gen7 Fuel business model. By supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs, we are creating community prosperity and fostering meaningful and successful partnerships that strengthen First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities,” said Brian Page, Senior Vice President of Gen7 Fuel.

“We’re taking care of our neighbours, because they take care of us,” adds the owner of Gen7 Fuel, Mat McLeod. “By joining Gen7 Fuel you have the opportunity to contribute to the prosperity of the next seven generations.”

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