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Gen7 Fuel generously makes a gift of $75,000 to McMaster University to establish an Indigenous Scholarship Fund.

Gen7 Fuel’s main objective is to invest in, assist and support Indigenous entrepreneurs in the operations of fuel stations on First Nation communities.

Gen7 branded fuel stations are run by indigenous entrepreneurs ensuring that long term sustainable benefits of a successful business remain within First Nation communities.

“We believe in contributing to all aspects of the community – especially education.”

This March, Gen7 Fuel backed up their statements and have gifted McMaster University the amount of seventy-five thousand dollars to establish the Gen7 Indigenous Scholarship.

This gift is to be awarded to undergraduate students enrolled in any program who identifies as Indigenous and demonstrates involvement in their community.

Did you know? The name Gen7 refers to the Seventh Generation Principle dating back to The Great Law of Iroquois Confederacy. It is based on the philosophy that decisions we make today impact seven generations into the future. This philosophy is at the core of Gen7 Fuels.

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