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Leading the way towards a bright future: A portion of gas station and convenience store sales go directly back into the community.

Gen7 Fuel is dedicated to creating a brighter future, together.

With every purchase at a Gen7 Fuel location, a portion of the sale goes directly back into the community, making us all dedicated to creating a brighter future, together.

Enriching our communities is one of our main goals states Gen7 Fuel. “We believe in developing relationships of mutual respect, building sustainable businesses that will nurture the next seven generations. We put a strong focus on supporting local First Nations initiatives to create a more equitable, respectful, and nurturing world”.

Gen7 Fuel is also passionate about empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs within the First Nation communities. “We are creating local wealth and fostering meaningful relationships that we hope are healing the relationship between settler and indigenous communities.” says Gen7.

The Indigenous gas station chain across Ontario have proven to have strong values. They stated: “We are responsible for the land and its people. We ensure that our actions today nurture, protect, and provide for the next seven generations”. The fuel company gives back to communities through many different initiatives and projects.

Gen7 Fuel is at the forefront of transitioning towards a better tomorrow by providing direct support to First Nation Communities with their innovative business model. With giving a portion of profits from fuel sales going back into these communities, they make a difference by providing positive development in the future.

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