Our Mission

“Strengthening First Nations Economies by supporting and developing indigenous Entrepreneurs.”

Our Mission

Gen 7 develops long term viable businesses by assisting First Nation individuals in the start-up and day- to-day operations of retail fuel stations and variety stores.
Our knowledge of owning, operating, and managing highly successful gas stations and convenience stores in in First Nations communities makes us the best choice for long term success.

“Our strategy is to develop long term viable businesses”

Enriching our communities.

We believe in developing relationships of mutual respect, building sustainable businesses that will nurture the next seven generations. We put a strong focus on supporting local First Nations initiatives to create a more equitable, respectful, and nurturing world.

Maintain a High Standard of Fuel Quality while Offering Competitive Pricing.

Gen7 Fuel stations offer several grades of gasoline and diesel fuels to meet the needs of today’s vehicles. We ensure that we provide the highest standards of fuel quality at competitive prices.

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