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Female Driven Team of Gen7 Leading Future Generations.

The Women behind Gen7 Fuel are actively making a difference.

NORTH BAY, Ont. (March 7) — Tomorrow is International Women’s Day and among those celebrating worldwide will be the women who stand together behind Gen7 Fuel, an Indigenous owned and operated service station chain across Ontario.

Strength and passion have fueled the women in an industry that historically has been viewed as male dominated. A future forward mindset has been behind every decision made along the way.

Among Indigenous peoples, women have been seen for centuries as protectors and custodians of cultural values and as the guarantors of their peoples’ survival.

“We have a great responsibility in our communities”. Gen7 Fuel acknowledges responsibility for the land and its people. We ensure that our actions today nurture, protect, and provide for the next seven generations.

At Gen7 Fuel, women not only form the nucleus of the management, they live by those traditional values and feel obligated to provide for current and future generations.

Oceana Doxtater – Manager Gen7 Fuel Walpole

Working as a tight knit team, women behind Gen7 have grown the company from just one gas station to the current seven outlets with convenience stores by partnering with entrepreneurs from First Nation communities.

The Fuel Station and Convenience Store partners are supported and assisted in navigating their way to becoming highly successful entrepreneurs, ensuring that long term sustainable benefits of a successful business remain within First Nation communities and may be passed down for generations to come.

Throughout it all, protection of First Nation values has been as important as the balance sheet.

It all started with an idea scribbled on a napkin by co-founder Mandy Cox, Gen7 Fuel VicePresident and Chief Operating Officer.

“When we started with the vision of Gen7, it was a vision of creating a business to support individuals and their families and teach them how to be successful at running their own
business,” Ms. Cox says.

“We had no idea that Gen7 would be a name brand that people would be drawn to. We knew that part of our vision was to create a business where eventually we could start giving back within the communities,” continues Ms. Cox.

There are many strong and thoughtful women behind Gen7 Fuel including Kellie Hodgins, Director of Finance, Donna Adams, Sarnia Smokey’s Gen7 Station Owner and Monica Homer, (previously) North District Manager and many others, from HR to gas station attendants.

And from the next generation are Abby McLeod, Co-Owner of Gen7 Jocko Point Station and Manager of Community Programs, and Oceana Doxtater, Gen7 Walpole Station manager.

A lot of thought was placed when developing Gen7 Fuel.

The name Gen7 refers to the Seventh Generation Principle dating back to The Great Law of Iroquois Confederacy. It is based on the philosophy that decisions we make today impact seven generations into the future.

Abby Mcleod – Co-Owner of Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point, Community Relations Manager

“I’m proud to be a part of the Gen7 family. As a young Indigenous woman in business, I’ve faced challenges and had to overcome obstacles in school, and in previous employment,” says Ms. McLeod, a Franco-Ontarienne and Anishinaabe Kwe from Nipissing First Nation.

“I feel like my voice is heard and is respected in this space. We have a supportive environment of businesswomen and men working together to achieve a common goal. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given; my mission is to help others pursue their passions as well, no matter who they are or where they come from.” Continues Ms. Mcleod.

Ms. Adams sees her role as part of a continuing generational odyssey. The Sarnia owner is the great grand daughter of Chief Solmon Adams, who signed the VJAY Treaty, guaranteeing that as long as green grass grows and water flows First Nations people would have free education and health care.

She is also the grand daughter of Talford Adams, Chief of Sarnia Indian Reserve for 34 years, and daughter of Chief Christopher Adams.

Donna Adams – Owner Smokey’s Gen7 Fuel

“I have a responsibility to my people, my great great grandfather, my grandfather, my dad and to our future generations,” Ms. Adams says. Ms. Adams physically puts in the hours herself, whether it’s working the drive thru or making sure the pumps are running smoothly, while giving opportunities to the next generation and hoping to inspire with her can-do attitude.

Gen7 Fuel women continue their mission to this day with plans to expand with more service stations in Ontario.

“We continue to support entrepreneurs, their families, and the community by sharing our knowledge of owning, operating, and managing highly successful gas stations and variety
stores,” says Ms. Cox.

Driving together fueling change for generations to come.

Happy IWD to all~


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