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Indigenous Fuel Stations and Convenience Stores across Ontario are proving passion counts.

Gen7 Fuel empowers First Nations from a unique approach

NORTH BAY — Gen7 Fuel, Indigenous-run gas station chain, has invested over $150,000 in the last year to foster growth and development across Ontario First Nation communities.

In 2023, Gen7 Fuel plans to up the ante to giving $200,000 to Ontario First Nations.

Gen7 Fuel continues to lead the way towards a brighter future by contributing directly to First Nations Communities, thanks to a business model that allows for a portion of gas sales to be put where the heart counts.

Gen7, said Abby McLeod, Manager of Community Programs, and co-owner of Jocko Point Gen7 Fuel, shares the same values as her and her community. She understands how important family, community support, and helping your neighbours are.

These are core beliefs for many Indigenous Nations. “This is why Gen7 slogan is Driving together fueling change for generations to come,” she said.

Gen7 Fuel was started with one station in 2019 with the objective of investing in, assisting and supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs in the start-up and operation of retail fuel stations and/or convenience stores on First Nation communities.

Today there are seven Gen7 Fuel stations in First Nation communities in southern, northern, eastern and western Ontario with more to come.

In addition to stations being run by Indigenous entrepreneurs, the Gen7 business plan has always been to go beyond the balance sheet and make sure the long-term sustainable benefits of a successful business remain within First Nation communities.

With every fill up at a Gen7 station, a portion is donated into the community. “This is one of the revenue models we use to put funds into the community we reside in,” Ms. McLeod added.

Investments in everything from community centres to women’s shelters were made in every First Nation that Gen7 serves. Recipients of grants are chosen after much research and analysis of community needs.

This is why the Gen7 slogan is Driving together fueling change for generations to come.

“Gen7 Fuel wants to uplift and support the First Nation communities we’re in and set the example for other businesses to do the same” Ms. McLeod added.

“This is who we are,” said Monica Homer, North District Manager at Gen7 Fuel. She continues to say: “Preserving the culture of love and caring is just as important to us as profits”.

Gen7 Fuel wants to challenge the way businesses interact with their surrounding communities; “We can all create change for the better”.


Some areas where Gen7 has invested across Ontario, Canada:


The Gen7 Fuel outlet at Curve Lake has donated $4,000 to the Benogee Sports Club to send five Curve Lake Screaming Eagle Hockey Teams to the Little Naitive Hockey League (LNHL) this March. The Curve Lake First Nation club helps children go to the LNH and will be sending multiple teams this year since Covid has caused postponement of the tournament since 2020.

The Gen7 Fuel outlet in Sarnia has earmarked $4,000 to purchase iPads for students to use in day care and primary school as well as funding for future parent/children events on Aamjiwnaang First Nation. The First Nation’s early learning centre is committed to providing high-quality early years programming for children three months to five years. The focus is to provide a caring educational experience for the children, parents, families, and the community of Aamjiwnaang.


Gen7 Fuel at Jocko Point, near North Bay, donated $5,000 to the Ojibwe Women’s Lodge from funds raised through the sale of T-shirts in the campaign last May 5 on National MMIWG2S Awareness Day. The Ojibway Women’s Lodge provides a helping hand and encouragement to women so they can realize their full potential, in order to rebuild their lives. Jocko Point also donated $10,000 to Nipissing First Nation Elders to go their 2023 Holiday Party.

Gen7 Fuel French River has given $3,000 to the Henvey Inlet First Nation Health Centre. Funds were raised through the sale of T-shirts at the service station to provide programing for residential school survivors.

Gen7 Fuel Rankin provided $1,985 to the Nimkii-Naabkawagan Family Crisis Shelter from the sales of T-shirts in the community’s May 5 campaign for National MMIWG2S Awareness Day.


Gen7 Fuel at Roseneath donated $4,025 to the Anishinaabe Kwewag Gamig. The regional women’s shelter empowers women and their families on their journey to live a healthy and safe life.

Gen7 Roseneath has also donated $2,000 towards an upcoming splash pad project to provide a play area for the children who attend Alderville Day Care.


Gen7 Fuel Walpole Island has donated $5,373 to the BBK Breakfast with Santa event. Those funds came from T-shirt sales at the Gen7 retail outlet there.
In addition, Gen7 Fuel Walpole donated $2,900 to the BKEJ youth council to support their new project to build a larger space to accommodate more than 20 youth members.

Driving Together
Fueling Change
for Generations to come.

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