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Gen 7 Fuel Curve Lake supports young Indigenous hockey players

CURVE LAKE, Ont. — The Indigenous-owned Gen7 Fuel outlet at Curve Lake has put up $4,000 so that the Benogee Sports Club can send five Curve Lake Screaming Eagle hockey teams to the Little Natives Hockey League (LNHL) in March.

Benogee Sports Club, based at Curve Lake First Nation, volunteers and helps the teams and the children go to the Little Native Hockey League (LNHL). This will be the first year since 2020 that the LNHL will take place. It will be sending multiple teams on March 12 since Covid has caused postponement of the tournament since 2020.

“The Little NHL has been a part of Curve Lakes Hockey history,” said Gary Williams, a co-owner of the Gen7 Fuel station in Curve Lake.

“As a former player and coach it’s always been a place where we can see old friends and make new ones.”

The Gen7 Fuel chain of seven service stations is owned and operated by First Nation entrepreneurs across Ontario. The funds were raised from the sale of T-shirts at the Gen7 outlet at Curve Lake.

The money is part of $150,000 Gen7 Fuel has given to the First Nations it serves in the past year. In 2023, Gen7 Fuel plans to earmark another $200,000 to give to these communities.

This is because Gen7 Fuel is more than a chain of gas stations, said Abby McLeod, Gen7 Manager of Community programs. Giving back is a key part of the Gen7 Fuel business model.

Throughout the year, Gen7 Fuel sets aside funds for worthy community projects and programs in the seven First Nations it serves. Even a portion of what customers pay at the pumps is set aside so that First Nation communities and Gen7 Fuel can grow together.

“We’re taking care of our neighbours because they take care of us,” Ms. McLeod said.

Added Mr. Williams: “It’s great to see so many kids, family and friends representing their communities and the healthy competition and sportsmanship makes us all feel good at the end of the week. I’m so happy Gen 7 can help.”

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