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Nipissing First Nation Elder Donation
Jocko Point Womens Lodge Donation

Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point Business donates over $215,000 to Foster First Nations Community Growth and Development.

From supporting disabled youth to building a playground and protecting women and elders, Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point is making a substantial impact in their community.

The Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point Gas Station and Convenience Store located in North Bay has been making an enormous impact on its local First Nations community with over $215,000 donated to various charities and events.

The family-owned business has always prioritized giving back to their community for over a decade.

Abby Mcleod
CoOwner of Gen7 Jocko Point / Community Relations Manager
Gary Williams
CoOwner of Gen7 Curve Lake / Gen7 Fuel Brand Ambassador

“Our family has always felt that giving back is so important; we’ve been hosting a charity golf tournament since 2010 and helping out others wherever we can. Gen7 Fuel has allowed us to continue doing this, but on an even larger scale now,” said business co-owner Abby Mcleod.

One of the most significant donations by Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point was being the major sponsor for the Shane McLeod Memorial Golf Tournament. The tournament was a fundraising event that raised $63,000 for the Nipissing Association for Disabled Youth.

Another notable donation was supporting NFN Youth, Xavier Beaucage, who plays for the AAA U15 Blyth Bruins hockey in Southern Ontario. Gen7 Fuel helped him fulfil his dreams of playing at a more competitive level. He was recently invited to the sports illustrated futures showcase meant for top players in Canada and the U.S.

Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point also has also committed $50,000 for building a playground for the Nipissing First Nation Youth Duschesnay this summer aiming to provide safe and joyful space for children to learn, play and grow.

“Businesses have the power to make a positive impact in their communities; that’s what Gen7 is working towards for all the First Nations they present in,” states Ms. Mcleod.

Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point Business has exemplified the importance of community investment, generosity, and compassion, setting a remarkable example for others to follow.

Other Examples of Donations Recently Made by the Local North Bay Business:

– $11,000 Sponsored Nipissing Warrior Days.
– $10,000 to the NFN Elders Christmas Party
– $5,000 to the Ojibwe Women’s Lodge towards community programming and protecting women and elders.
– $2,000 towards gift baskets for residential school survivors,

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