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No More Stolen Sisters – Gen7 Fuel works to protect the next seven generations, one T-shirt at a time.

No More Stolen Sisters – Gen7 Fuel works to protect the next seven generations, one T-shirt at a time.

To honour National MMIWG2S Awareness Day on May 5, Gen7 Fuel service locations will be offering commemorative T-shirts to show your solidarity with Indigenous women across Canada. Each T-shirt costs $20 and 100 per cent of the proceeds will be donated directly to Indigenous women and family shelters across Ontario.

At Gen7 Fuel, supporting Indigenous communities is an integral part of our mission; empowering and investing in Indigenous entrepreneurs and their communities will create lasting, positive change for seven generations to come. Gen7 Fuel contributes much more than just quality gas at a great price.

“When people stop at Gen7 Fuel, they know they’re contributing to more than just a big corporation. We’re creating a lasting impact that most businesses don’t think of doing or don’t care to do,” says Abby McLeod, Gen7 Fuel Manager of Community Programs and part owner of Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point, North Bay.

The women of Gen7 Fuel are a driving force in the success of the business. Owners like Abby McLeod work with the community to spread awareness and encourage learning about the harsh realities of being an Indigenous person in Canada.

The lasting effects of colonialism in Canada have significantly increased the risks for Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit people. According to Amnesty’s Report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, being an Indigenous woman, girl or two-spirit person automatically makes you six times more likely to be murdered in Canada.

And it’s time for that violence to end.

Exact statistics into how many Indigenous women have been harmed or killed over the last 30 years don’t exist. We will never know for sure the full impact of these acts on Indigenous communities.

On May 5, we stand together to honour those we have lost and create awareness on the widespread violence Indigenous women, girls, and two spirit individuals have endured for decades.

Stop into any Gen7 Fuel service station before May 5 to pick up your MMIWG2S No More Stolen Sisters T-shirt, and stand with Gen7 Fuel as we fight to protect Indigenous women today, and for generations to come.

Driving together fueling change for generations to come.

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